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The races of Karagos are many and varied, from the undead of the south to the lizardfolk of the far north to the lycanthropes of the western isles to the sea creatures in the depths.

Races will be avalable in certain areas, other than that they are barred, planetouched templates are avalable worldwide, as are Mongrelfolk.

Races by area

The Nifela Theocracy(by province):


Human, half elf , elf, dwarf, gnome, kobold, stone giant, half dragon(white).


Human, elf, half elf , gnome, half celestial, half fiend, half dragon(silver or copper)


Human, elf, half orc, half elf, half celestial, gnoll, ogre, half ogre.

The Drycher empire:

Orc, Painted elf, Goblin, Bhurka, Hobgoblin, half orc, half dragon(gold, brass, blue, red)

The Gisfnal citystates:

Half dragon(gold, white, red, bronze, copper, silver, red), Dwarf(hill, deep), Kobold, Hill giant, Stone giant.

The Marru ruins:


The Tribal north:

Lizardfolk, wild elf, shifter

Coming soon: The western isles, the three seas.

new page Races

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