In general Karago’s denizens assume there are many gods, but in fact there are just over a dozen! Most of these gods original names have been lost to the ages, and changed in translation. There is one sun god, one stone god, and one god, sometimes two or three gods with similar portfolios and purposes. Instead of a name many use similar titles, though variations are common. Here are these gods.

The twin faced god

According to many legends, this god guards the gate between this world and another, holding back monsters and letting through beneficial creatures. Others say he is the master of the forces of the universe, bending the powers of life and death to his whim. His alignment is chaotic neutral, his favored weapon is the two bladed sword, his domains are healing, destruction, and chaos.

His holy symbol is a circle, half bronze, gold, or copper, and half tin, silver, or iron.

The burning lord

Often depicted as a dragon, or a man bearing a torch, he is the sun god. He governs the sun, he plans each solar flare, every ray of light and and heat beating down on the world. His alignment is Lawful Neutral, his favored weapon is the scimitar. Domains summer, law, fire, and of course sun.

His holy symbol is a stylized flame, often made to resemble a dragon or three diamonds.

The stone hammer

Builder of the highest mountains, gouger of the steepest canyons. depicted as a blacksmith or stonemason he is believed to have planned the lands construction. The most common holy symbol is a pair of crossed hammers, though other tools are commonly used. His favored weapon is the warhammer. His alignment is Lawful Good. Domains law, earth, and good.

The roiling wave

One of the three sea gods, he controls the eastern seas, where tsunamis pound the coast and maelstroms rage amongst the waves. His favored weapon is the Trident, his alignment is chaotic evil. Domains Air, water, and destruction.

His symbol is a spiral, often a whirlpool or seashell.

The gentle wave

Master of the calm northern seas, where fish are plentiful and the ocean sparkles with the sun’s bright rays. Alignment Neutral Good, favored weapon Net, domains water, air, sun, and animal. His holy symbol is a fish, often manycolored or sea blue.

The whirlpool

Baron of the western seas, this diety prefers constant motion, small, constant waves, tiny whirlpools, and schools of small fish darting to and Fro. Alignment Chaotic Neutral, favored weapon dire flail, domains Water, air, chaos, and travel.

His holy symbol is a school or fish, often styalised as knives or swordfish.

Father of Mankind

In this case mankind can be replaced with elfkind or goblinkind. He is believed to have made sentient life from wild animals. Alignment true neutral, Favored weapon scythe, domains healing, plant, and animal.

His holy symbol is an eye, though it can be of any animal.


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